VW Vanagon & Subaru Engine Conversion Product Index
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043221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA640 / 22690AA73A (Female)
22641AA280   Subaru Oxygen Sensor
22690AA640   Subaru Oxygen Sensor
22690AA73A   Subaru Oxygen Sensor
22791AA00A   Subaru Oxygen Sensor
11810AA040   Subaru PCV Valve
11810AA000   Subaru PCV Valve 2.5L
RCM-4   Subaru Reverse Coolant Manifold 4cyl
RMW-SSEDP-4   Subaru S.S. 4 Cylinder Exhaust Header
10966AA000   Subaru Spark Plug Tube Seal
RMW-SSCT4   Subaru Stainless Steel 4 Cyl. Thermostat Pipe
11060AA071   Subaru Thermostat Housing Cover
13145AA021   Subaru Timing Guide Rail
10982AA000   Subaru Valve Cover Seal Washer
22630AA161   Subaru Water Temp Sensor
KEP-S1   Subaru-Vanagon Stage 1 Pressure Plate
RMW-O4   Subaru-Vanagon Steel Oil Pan
RMW-SKIT4G   Subaru/Vanagon 4 cyl. Conversion Kit
RMW-CH395SS   Subaru/Vanagon Speed Sensor
411513121   Sway Bar End Link to Control Arm Bushing-2WD
251411039   Sway Bar to End Link Bushing (Syncro) See Notes
RMW-TCSS   Swing away carrier w/o attachments
RMW-TCSSDR01   Swing away carrier w/spare tire mount
RMW-TCSSPA01   Swing away carrier with folding shelf
RMW-SBRLBK   Switchback Lower Rack Bracket Kit
RMW-SBRFP   Switchback Rack Finisher Plates
RMW-SBRLS   Switchback Rack Lower Spine
RMW-SBRRK   Switchback Rack Rung Kit
RMW-SBRTM   Switchback Rack Tire Mount
RMW-SBRUS   Switchback Rack Upper Spine
9004   Sylvania Halogen Headlight Bulb
251407271J   Syncro Axle Assembly (Front) Lobro / Germany
251121442A-SS   Syncro Coolant Distribution Tower 4WD
251498203F   Syncro CV Boot Kit (Front Outer)
251711822   Syncro Diff Lock Actuator (German)
251521101D   Syncro Driveshaft
RMW-SRP   Syncro Front Brake Shields
4WDLS   Syncro Lift Springs
RMW-TSDR   Tachometer Signal Divider
021251185E   Tailpipe 1.9L
025251185C   Tailpipe 2.1L
025251235   Tailpipe Gasket
357972771   TDI Starter Plug
025906041A   Temp Sensor
21200AA072   Thermostat
21236AA010   Thermostat Gasket
N90136802   Thermostat Gasket
025121115   Thermostat Housing
025121114   Thermostat Housing Cover
RMW-4TA   Throttle Cable 4cyl (Automatic)
RMW-4T   Throttle Cable 4cyl (Manual)
251419803   Tie Rod Assembly
171419812   Tie rod end outer
TEC-200   Tortite 2" Exhaust Band Clamp
PFR85-1015   Transmission Mount Bushing
PFR85-1016   Transmission Mount Bushing
020301261A   Transmission to Shift Lever Boot
RMW-TFS   Truckfridge Installation and Trim Kit
TF49AC-DC   Truckfridge TF49 AC/DC
171953053A   Turn Signal Bulb Socket
251953141B   Turn Signal Lens (Driver)
251953142B   Turn Signal Lens (Passenger)
1HO953227   Turn Signal Relay
251953513   Turn Signal Switch w/o Cruise
RMW-TPDR01   Twin Peaks D-Rings
RMW-NPD01   Twin Peaks Deluxe Grille Guard
RMW-TP01   Twin Peaks Front Bumper
RMW-TPFH01   Twin Peaks Front Bumper Receiver Hitch
RMW-TPFG-02   Twin Peaks Full Grille Guard
RMW-TP02   Twin Peaks Rear Bumper with Integrated Hitch
RMW-2U   U-Bend, 2.0" OD
251711551   Universal Joint for Shift Linkage
251407053A   Upper Control Arm Bolt
PFF85-1008   Upper Sway Bar Eyelet Bushing
JVS-50054-US   Valve Cover Gasket Set
025121058E   Vanagen coolant hose (86-91)
171971934   Vanagon 2 pin connector (A/C switches)
025251147BL   Vanagon 2.1L Cat Converter Connecting Pipe
025129627L   Vanagon 2.1L Intake Boot
803971979   Vanagon 7 pin plug (Female Side)
803971980   Vanagon 7 pin plug (Male Side)
357919754   Vanagon A/C Switch Connector
025260849B   Vanagon AC Belt
171971997   Vanagon AC Connector
025129620B   Vanagon Air Filter (Mann OEM)
025903137G   Vanagon Alternator Belt (10x1100mm)
RMW-327   Vanagon Automatic 3.27 Ring/Pinion Gears
251611021C-FTE   Vanagon Brake Master Cylinder (Germany)
22918   Vanagon Catalytic Converter
357972752   Vanagon Coolant Bottle Connector
357972762   Vanagon Coolant Bottle Connector (male)
025121058B   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121058D   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121058G   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121058H   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121058J   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121058M   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121073H   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
025121108D   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
251121058A   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
251121130B   Vanagon coolant hose (86-91)
251121130A   Vanagon coolant intake hose
025121403   Vanagon Coolant Overflow Tank
025121482   Vanagon Coolant Overflow Tank Cap
RMW-2WTRG   Vanagon Fuel Tank Reseal Kit (2WD)
113919131A   Vanagon Fuel Tank Sender Seal
N90305201   Vanagon Intake Manifold Hose # N 903 052 01
253070601D   Vanagon LPG Tank
025251053N   Vanagon Muffler 2.1L
025906265B   Vanagon Oxygen Sensor
023903137A   Vanagon Power Steering Belt (10 X 1075)
251422155X   Vanagon Power Steering Pump
811972577   Vanagon Power Window Motor Plug (female)
811972575   Vanagon Power Window Motor Plug (male)
068121253E   Vanagon Radiator
NGK7333   Vanagon Spark Plug (NGK)
1WBX-SS-19   Vanagon Stainless Steel WB Exhaust 1.9L
1WBX-SS-21C   Vanagon Stainless Steel WB Exhaust 2.1L 50 State
191911921   Vanagon Stock Starter Plug
2WDSP   Vanagon Westfalia Springs
068903803DX   Voltage Regulator
161971989   VW 2 pin connector (female side)
161971988   VW 2 pin connector (male side)
025121081G-SS   VW 2.1L Stainless Steel Thermostat Pipe
161971975A   VW 3 pin connector (male side)
541720   VW T-Shirt (Blue)
025121113F   VW Thermostat with O-Ring
171971999A   VW/Audi 2 pin connector (Female)
171971998A   VW/Audi 2 pin connector (male)
161971970A   VW/Audi 3 pin connector (female side)
431955651   Washer Pump
806933010   Water Pipe O-Ring
025121010C   Water Pump
22630AA041   Water Temp. Sensor
21203AA030   Water Temperature Sender
22630AA11A   Water Temperature Sensor
251919501   Water Temperature Sensor
251919501D   Water Temperature Sensor
PRTS   Waterboxer Pushrod Tube Shields
3012   Wavian Nato 20L Jerry Can Blue w/ Nozzle
3008   Wavian Nato 20L Jerry Can Olive w/ Nozzle
3011   Wavian Nato 20L Jerry Can Yellow w/ Nozzle
3100   Wavian Replacement Nozzle OD
WS-1   Westfalia Sticker
251405645B   Wheel Bearing (Front Outer) 85-91
211501287   Wheel Bearing (Rear-Inner) 80-91
321837581   Window Crank (Black)
251837461   Window Regulator wo/motor (Left)
251837462   Window Regulator wo/motor (Right)
251845121   Windshield Seal
251955119   Windshield Wiper Motor Front
133955261   Windshield Wiper Shaft Grommet
191955531   Wiper / Wash Relay
133955435   Wiper Shaft Cap
171955275   Wiper Shaft Cone
251953519   Wiper Switch
191955529   Wiper/Wash Relay

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