VW Vanagon & Subaru Engine Conversion Product Index
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RMW-H3P   H3 Bulb Pigtail
H4-312   H4 Ceramic Headlight Connector
RMW-H6TC   H6 Manual Throttle Cable
RMW-HS   Harness Service
251829332   Hatch Strut (Right or Left 2 required)
191941297   Headlight Adjuster
255941133   Headlight Adjuster
255941133A   Headlight Adjuster
255941141B   Headlight Adjuster
255941141C   Headlight Adjuster
251941531M   Headlight Switch #251 941 531M
867819121A   Heater Core (Rear)
321959511A   Heater Fan Switch (5 Pin)
171959511   Heater Fan Switch (Germany)
RMW-HHKITG   Heater Hose Kit
867819809B   Heater Valve (Rear)
005750971   Hella 500 Fog Light Kit
70477   Hella Vision Plus 7" Round Headlight
WV-001   Hi-Torque Starter Adapter
RMW-HH1   Hidden Hitch
RMW-TDIH   High Torque Starter Plug harness
HS7000   Hitch Safe
12012409   Hushpower WBX Muffler
211905115D   Ignition Coil
191905351B   Ignition Control Unit
111905865L   Ignition Switch
200998031D   Ignition Wire Set
NGK-8691   Ignition Wire Set
PRO-01G   Installation Kit for Propex Heater in a Westy
025129967A   Intake Boot 1.9L
14035AA383   Intake Manifold Gasket
025251217   Intermediate Pipe
iso-kit   Isolator Wiring Kit
2325   Jerry Can Gasket
281837709   Large Felt Window Guide
251905855B   Lock Cylinder
013941521A-Kit   Locking Differential Indicator Switch
2238-Pin   Locking Pin
RMW-LSD01DR   Locking Storage Drawer, Front Drivers Seat
RMW-LSD01PA   Locking Storage Drawer, Front Passengers Seat
RMW-LSD01PRG   Locking Storage Drawer, Pair - Front
251407187   Lower Ball Joint
PFF85-1002x4   Lower Sway Bar bushing to Control Arm
1778.5   LP (Propane) Gas Regulator
M10x1.25-Flange-Lock-Nut   M10x1.25 Flange Lock Nut
8512   M8 12 point Triple Square Bit
339034   Magnaflow 50-State Semi-Universal Catalytic Converter
12644   Magnaflow S.S. Muffler
161971976A   Male Connector 1 pin (Multiple Applications)
251419061   Manual Steering Rack 80-91
025251053E   Muffler 1.9L Vanagon (German)
025251521C   Muffler Strap
NT429   Nokian Entyre 2.0
NT4283   Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2
NT429566   Nokian Rotiva AT 215/65/R16
NT428   Nokian WRG3
038117070A   Oil Cooler Seal
111115107BK   Oil Pump
15010-AA234   Oil Pump
111115161   Oil Pump Sealing Nut
ARBN38S   OME Front Syncro Strut
ARBN37   OME Rear Syncro Shock
64153   Osram 100W High Beam Lamp
N 017 762 2   Osram 55w High Beam Bulb H3
RMW-PPFB01   Pikes Peak Front Bumper
RMW-PPRB01   Pikes Peak Rear Bumper
056105313C   Pilot Bearing for Kennedy Conversion Flywheels
944331901   Porsche 944 CV Joint Kit (Lobro)
RMW-PS3G   Power Steering Hose Kit - Remote Reservoir
rmw-ps1g   Power Steering Hose Kit - 16mm Fitting
RMW-PS2G   Power Steering Hose Kit - Banjo Fitting
251422061X   Power Steering Rack (Rebuilt)
5PK-0880   Power Steering/Alternator Belt
251498203F-RF   Premier Syncro CV Boot Kit (Front Outer)
251598201-RF   Premium Rockford CV Boot Kit (339-22)
76402P   ProComp 7" Round LED Headlights
HS2000   Propex HS2000 Heatsource Unit
HS2211   Propex HS2211 External Gas Air Heater
HS2800   Propex HS2800 Heating Unit
251959455M   Radiator Fan Assembly
251407059A   Radius Rod 2WD
PFF85-1009x2   Radius Rod Bushing Kit (Syncro)
LX03B   Ratcheting Crimping Tool
211501221A   Rear Axle Nut
251609537   Rear Brake Shoe Set
251609537-CER   Rear Brake Shoe Set - Ceramic
251698003   Rear Brake Shoe Spring Kit
211611047F-ATE   Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder (ATE)
029105245B   Rear Crankshaft (Main) Seal
251845521   Rear Hatch Glass Seal
361827527   Rear Hatch Lock Seal 79-83
251829233   Rear Hatch Lock Seal 83-91
255829193   Rear Hatch Seal
025251172R   Rear Header Pipe 2.1L
025251172G   Rear Header Pipe Vanagon 1.9L
253845341   Rear Side Window Seal - w/o Molding Groove
PFF85-1011x4   Rear Trailing Arm To Chassis Bushing Kit
211501283D   Rear Wheel Bearing Outer (80-91)
211501317   Rear Wheel Seal 80-91
251955707   Rear Wiper Arm
161937501B   Relay Holder
867937501   Relay Holder (High Current)
3104   Replacement Jerry Can Nozzle (Blue)
3101   Replacement Jerry Can Nozzle (Red)
3103   Replacement Jerry Can Nozzle (Yellow)
RMW-CBB   Reverse coolant bottle bracket for plastic expansion tank
RMW2018   RMW 2018 Calendar
RMW-ATC   RMW Automatic Transmission Cooler
RMW-HD   RMW Hoodie
TS-Navy   RMW T-Shirt (Navy)
TS-Navy-0001   RMW T-Shirt (Navy) - Large
TS-Navy-0002   RMW T-Shirt (Navy) - Medium
TS-Navy-0003   RMW T-Shirt (Navy) - Small
TS-Navy-0004   RMW T-Shirt (Navy) - X-Large
RSII-B   Road Shower 2-Series Mounting Brackets
RS04   Road Shower 4
RS4-B   Road Shower 4 Mounting Brackets
RS04L   Road Shower 4L
RS04S   Road Shower 4S
RMW-LDR01   Rocky Mountain Westy Vanagon Ladder
SG-EXT   Scan Gauge Extension Cable
SCII   Scan Gauge II
251837625A   Seal, opening 1/4 light, LH, without mouldings
251837626A   Seal, opening 1/4 light, RH, without mouldings
N0153711   Serrated Lock Washer for Axle Bolts
251798116   Shift Lever Bushing Repair Kit
251711167E   Shift Lever to Rod Boot
251711207D   Shift Rod Bushing
251711167F   Shift Rod Bushing Boot
321945361A   Side Marker Lens (Rear)
251843711   Sliding Door Handle Grommet 79-85
251843711A   Sliding Door Handle Grommet 85-91
252843791   Sliding Door Seal
253845322   Sliding Door Window Seal 85-91
253847765   Sliding rear window Driver Side (Left) 80-92
253847766   Sliding Rear Window Passenger Side (Right) 80-92
RMW-HS22   SOHC Subaru Conversion Exhaust Heat Shield
251898001   South African Grill Kit
251957803E   Speedometer Cable (RWD)
211955993   Spray Nozzle for Windshield
103TL012-20   SS Liner Clamp #12
103TL016-20   SS Liner Clamp #16
103TL024-20   SS Liner Clamp #24
103TL052-20   SS Liner Clamp #52
103TL008-20   SS Liner Clamp #8
RMW-CTT84   Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes - 2 Wheel Drive 84-85
RMW-CTT01   Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes - 2 Wheel Drive 86-91
RMW-CTT02   Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes - Syncro Version
RMW-CTTSUB   Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes Subaru Conversion
RMW-CTTTDI   Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes TDI
52545K52   Stainless steel gap free pinch clamp
52545K73   Stainless steel gap free pinch clamp
1WBX-SS-19C   Stainless Steel Vanagon WB Exhaust 1.9L 50 state legal
1WBX-SS-21   Stainless Steel Vanagon WB Exhaust 2.1L
003911023EX   Starter (Automatic Transaxle)
025911023AX   Starter (Manual Transaxle)
RMW-STL-Retro   Stealth Muffler Retrofit Kit.
RMW-STL29   Stealth SS Muffler
251419831A   Steering Rack Boot
251419081   Steering Rack Bushing 80-91
251419417B   Steering Shaft Flex Coupling Disc
RMW-EC02   Subaru / Bay Window Carrier Bar
108Y211   Subaru 10 pin Bulk Head Connector
0312221   Subaru 2.5L Alternator Plug
PP307LK1   Subaru 2.5L Timing Belt Kit
21111AA110   Subaru 2.5L Water Pump
035Y2221   Subaru 3 pin Water Temp Sensor Plug
RMW-INT2G   Subaru 4 cyl Performance Air Intake - 2.2L w/ Bolt on MAF Kit
RMW-INT3G   Subaru 4 cyl Performance Air Intake - 2.2L w/ Custom Airbox
RMW-INT1G   Subaru 4 cyl Performance Air Intake - 2.5 Liter
RMW-INT4G   Subaru 4 cyl Performance Air Intake - 2.5L w/ Custom Airbox
807045040   Subaru Cam Plug
RMW-AB1   Subaru Conversion Air Box
10105AA310HS   Subaru Cylinder Head Gasket Set 2.5L
OF-002   Subaru Engine Adapter Kit- Automatic Trans
OF-001   Subaru Engine Adapter Kit- Manual Trans
RMW-EC01   Subaru Engine Carrier Bar System
41022   Subaru Engine Mount
41031FA090P   Subaru Engine Mounting Brackets (Pair)
RMW-EXB   Subaru Exhaust Bracket
RMW-EXBG   Subaru Exhaust Bracket Kit (off-set)
MS95088   Subaru Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Dual Port)
44011AC020   Subaru Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Single Port per Pair)
H6EXG   Subaru H-6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System
H6TT   Subaru H-6 wraparound coolant manifold tube
22060AA031   Subaru Knock Sensor
22060AA070   Subaru Knock Sensor
22060AA100   Subaru Knock Sensor
BKR6E-11   Subaru NGK Spark Plug
048A2221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug (Female, Multiple Applications)
048A2211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug (Multiple Applications, Male)
048211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22641AA280
048221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22641AA280 (Female)
045F2221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA150 (Female)
045F2211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA150 (Male)
031F211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA350
031F221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA350 (Female)
0442211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA38A / 22641AA00A
0442221   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA38A / 22641AA00A (Female)
043211   Subaru O2 Sensor Plug for 22690AA640 / 22690AA73A

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