VW Vanagon & Subaru Engine Conversion Product Index
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RMW6X1   1" Suspension Spring Spacer
RMW-SS152   1.5" Stainless Steel Two hole flange
C40MB-150-12   1.5"x12" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-04   1.5"x4" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-05   1.5"x5" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-06   1.5"x6" 4ply Silicone hose
H314   1/2" Fuel Line
H178   1/2" Fuel Vapor Hose
RMW6X5   1/2" Suspension Spring Spacer
46062   10 Position ATC Fuse Panel
1315-100   12V 100A Multi-battery Management System
RMW-T815   15x7 European-Look Alloy (Silver)
RMW-T816B   16x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Black)
RMW-T816   16x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Silver)
53034   2" Catalytic Converter
RMW-TLPG   2" Tailpipe Kit
RMW-SS153   2.0" S.S. 3 hole flange
5PK-674SF   2.5L Subaru Belt - NO PS
2791   20 Liter Carrier
3010   20L (5.3 Gal.) Nato Jerry Can (Black) w/ Nozzle
3009   20L (5.3 Gal.) Nato Jerry Can (Red) w/ Nozzle
023Y6321G   30A Weatherproof Fuse Holder w/Cap
SS1545   45 degree Bend, 1.5" OD, 2" CLR, 16g., 304 SS
65152   5/16 Fuel Injection Hose J30R9
660-1666   5/8 " tee
84545   5/8 x 1 Heater Hose Splicer
84543   5/8 x 5/8 x 1/2" Tee
GW-HDLT-BRKT   7" Round Headlight Brackets
RMW-1ACX   80-83 SS Air Cooled Exhaust System
N144438   8x38 Manifold Studs
251937501C   9 Pin Relay Holder
SS1590   90 degree Bend, 1.5" OD, 2" CLR, 16g., 304 SS
9004-F   9004 Female Headlight Connector
9004LED   9004 LED Headlight Conversion Kit (Cool White)
9004-M   9004 Male Headlight Connector
RMW-9004-H4   9004 to H4 Headlight Adapter
253260109   A/C Expansion Valve
357959139B   A/C High Low Switch
253260633E   A/C Receiver/Drier
251723555E   Accelerator Cable (Automatic)
251721555Q   Accelerator Cable (Manual)
4PK-0895   Air Conditioning Belt
AL27X   Alternator AL 27X
AL33X   Alternator AL 33X
AL1B   Aluminum Bushing Set
RMW-ALB   Aluminum Coolant Expansion "Tank" Bracket for Subaru Conversion
025121403-AL   Aluminum Expansion Tank (AKA "The Tank")
RMW-AL2   Aluminum window replacement for sliding door window 85-91
RMW-AL3   Aluminum window replacement for middle window and 1980-84 Sliding door
RMW-AL1   Aluminum Window Replacement Rear Side 80-91
ARB814101   ARB 2500 8ft. Awning
ARB814102A   ARB 2500 Aluminum Cased 8ft. Awning
ARB813108A   ARB 2500 Awning Room with Floor
ARB10800352   ARB 37 Qt. Portable Fridge Freezer
ARB10800472   ARB 50 Qt. Portable Fridge Freezer
ARB10800602   ARB 63 Qt. Portable Fridge Freezer
ARB10800782   ARB 87 Qt. Portable Fridge Freezer
RMW-ARBM   ARB/Sunseeker Mounting Kit for Vanagon
251959481K   Auxillary Fan Switch (Meyle)
020941521A   Back Up Light Switch #020 941 521A
251407361   Ball Joint Upper
823711643A   Ball Socket Bushing For Shifter
251711645   Ball Socket for Shifter
823711255   Bearing (bushing) for ball socket
LPV800148   Bentley Repair Manual (Vanagon 80-91)
251413031C   Bilstein Front Shock Syncro
B46.0820   Bilstein HD Front Shock 2WD
B46.0830   Bilstein HD Rear Shock 2WD
251513031D   Bilstein Rear Shock Syncro
1283123004   Bosch (OEM) CO Adjustment Plug #1 283 123 004
69469   Bosch Fuel Pump
SR0408X   Bosch Hi Torque Starter
251615123D   Brake Caliper-Left (New)
251615124D   Brake Caliper-Right (New)
251609615-ATE   Brake Drum (Rear) ATE
251611775B   Brake Hose (Front)
433611775A   Brake Hose Rear
113945515G   Brake Light Switch (ATE)
113945515H   Brake Light Switch (ATE)
251698151F   Brake Pad Set (Front) ATE (Germany) 2.1L
251698151D   Brake Pad Set (Front) ATE (Germany) 80-85
357611817   Brake Reservoir Grommet
251407617K   Brake Rotor (Front 1986-1991, 2WD)
251407615   Brake Rotor (Front 4WD)
251407617A   Brake Rotor (Front 80-85)
251898065   Bumper End Cap Harware kit
251807123A   Bumper End Caps - Front Left or Rear Right
251807124A   Bumper End Caps - Front Right or Rear Left
RMW-BTS   Bunk Step
025198541   Camshaft Bearing Set
025251509A   Catalytic Converter Gasket
253845321   Center Window Seal (Left or Right)
22433AA570   Central Ignition Coil
251698151-CER   Ceramic Brake Pad Set (Front) 1986-91
ceramickit   Ceramic Front Disc Brake Kit 1986-1991 2WD
RMW-H4T   Ceramic H4 Pigtail Set
24045   Clevis Black (Pair)
171837485   Clip for front window scraper seal
029198141   Clutch Kit
251721401A   Clutch Master Cylinder
251721263A   Clutch Slave Cylinder
RMW-SBRLK   Complete Lower Switchback Rack Carrier System
RMW-SBRCK   Complete Switchback Rack Carrier System - Upper and Lower Racks
RMW-SBRUK   Complete Upper Switchback Rack Carrier System
251407183   Control Arm Bushing (Lower)
251407077   Control Arm Bushing (Upper)
HK4G   Conversion Hose Kit
251121438B-SS   Coolant Distribution Tower 2.1 2 WD
251121083H   Coolant Hose (Radiator Left Lower)
251121082   Coolant Hose (Radiator Right)
025121082   Coolant Hose Junction 1.9L
251919372A   Coolant Level Sensor
251919372   Coolant Level Sensor #251 919 372
191919376A   Coolant Level Sensor Relay
025105247A   Crankshaft Seal - Front
111105223   Crankshaft/Distributor Drive Gear
RMW-1026   Custom Vent Covers
251598201   CV Boot Kit
211501331B   CV Joint (Lobro)
N91108201   CV Joint Bolt
251598101   CV Joint Kit (Lobro Germany)
025101065C   Cylinder Head
025198012B   Cylinder Head Gasket Kit
10105-AA300HS   Cylinder Head Gasket Set 2.2L
PFR85-1020S   Differential Mount (Syncro)
027905207   Distributor Cap
052905225C   Distributor Rotor
RMW-HSDOHC   DOHC Subaru Conversion Exhaust Heat Shield
251837211   Door Handle Gasket (Large) 80-91
251837209   Door Handle Gasket (Small) 80-91
RMW-DP   Door Pockets with Speaker Mount (Pair)
251837911   Door Seal 80-91 L/R
251501203GX   Drive Axle Rear M/T
091301189   Drive Axle Seal
002517289A   Drive Flange Cap
255959855B   Driver's Side Window Switch
251609701C   Emergency Brake Cable (Germany)
171512337   End Link Bushing Seat
251411047   End Link Bushing Sleeve
025198009B   Engine Gasket Set
251813133B   Engine Lid Seal
070199231A   Engine Mount (Outer)
070199231   Engine Mount Inner
N90131602   Exhaust Manifold Gasket
968NUT   Exhaust Manifold Nut 8x1.25mm
025121403A   Expansion Tank
025121403B   Expansion Tank
025121321B   Expansion Tank Cap
161971990A   Female Connector 1 pin (Multiple Applications)
F45S   Fiamma F45S Awning
RMW-F45   Fiamma Mounting Kit for Vanagon
251201139A   Filler Neck Seal
251201139B   Filler Neck Seal, 70/37mm
251201139   Filler Neck Seal, 70/57.5 mm
PFF85-1004-19x2   Front Anti Roll Bar to Chassis Bushing
PFF85-1004-21x2   Front Anti Roll Bar to Chassis Bushing
251407671   Front Axle Nut
111405661   Front Axle Thrust Washer
251819015   Front Blower Motor
251823717   Front Door Seal Clip
171837433A   Front Felt Channel
025251171AD   Front Header Pipe 2.1L Cyls. 1 and 3
025251171G   Front Header Pipe Vanagon 1.9L
251265303C   Front Heater Core
251265473A   Front Heater Core Control Valve Cable
PFF85-1006x4   Front Inner Arm Bushing Kit
113517185C   Front Inner Wheel Bearing and Differential bearing 80-91 (Auto Trans)
PFF85-1001x2   Front Lower TCA Inner Bushing Kit
211405645D   Front outer wheel bearing (80-84)
PFF85-1007x2   Front Radius Rod Bushing Kit
RMW-FS   Front Skid Plate
PFF85-1003x4   Front Steering Rack Bushing
251407625   Front wheel bearing (Syncro) 86-91
251407641A   Front wheel seal 2WD 80-91
251837703   Front window scraper LH outer RH inner
251837704   Front window scraper RH outer LH inner
251955409   Front Wiper Arm
251201311B   Fuel Expansion Tank Rollover Valve
N90100501   Fuel Expansion Tank/ Rollover Valve Grommet
1H0201511A   Fuel Filter
71028   Fuel Filter
311133261   Fuel Injector Seal (Inner)
311133263   Fuel Injector Seal (Outer)
251201075AH   Fuel Tank
N90100401   Fuel Tank Breather Grommet
251201147B   Fuel Tank crossover line
251919051K   Fuel Tank Sending Unit
171971990   Fuse Box Connector
161937501   Fuse Holder
25120155C   Gas Cap (Locking)
251711207E   Gear Selector Rod Bushing
251711221F   Gear Shift Lever
251711973   Gear shift selection lever
251798116A   Gear Stick Refurbishment Kit
GGAT   General Grabber AT2 Series Tire
GW-NP1   Grille Guard for Go Westy Bumper
251711227   Guide Ring For Shift Rod
025121438   H Pipe 1.9L
RMW-H3P   H3 Bulb Pigtail

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