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Vanagon Subaru Conversion Kit: DIY Westy Engine Conversions

Rocky Mountain Westy is the leader in innovation in the Subaru conversion market. We have a very unique position in our niche market. We are a manufacturing company that focuses on creating products for your Volkswagen Vanagon. This gives us a distinct advantage and a large value proposition to our customer. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to have a refined product that has been designed, tested and proven. We build 95% of our Subaru Conversion parts in house. If you want your Vanagon to be outfitted with the best Subaru conversion parts you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a DIY solution or a turnkey conversion, RMW factory trained mechanics are here to help.

Rocky Mountain Westy is excited to announce the release of the first complete “Do It Yourself” Subaru conversion kit to the marketplace. We have brought our years of experience doing Subaru conversions and our extensive knowledge of fabrication and manufacturing together and created a kit with all the solutions that are needed to successfully “Subaru Charge” your VW Vanagon. Our kit comes with a complete manual that outlines a step by step procedure to do the conversion. It also gives you a complete tool requirement list. Gone are the days of buying from multiple vendors to find out that your components are not compatible. Rocky Mountain Westy is not only offering a complete kit but it is with the finest parts available. So go ahead and get your Vanagon the present you have both been dreaming of, The RMW SubaruCharger Kit.