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Vanagon Subaru Conversion Experts

In house Subaru conversions are conducted on a regular basis here at Rocky Mountain Westy. We install 2.2 liter, 2.5 liter, and 3.0 liter H6 engines in Vanagons for the purpose of increasing horsepower and reliability.
We have done over 150 in-house conversions here at RMW, and participated in 100's more by supplying our manufactured parts or assisting other professionals with their installations. Our team of Vanagon technicians has over 35 years combined experience, which is evident in the final product, as well as customer feedback.
Our shop is coupled with our sister company Mr. Mechanic in Fort Collins, Colorado, a beautiful area which has many Vanagon owners and we see many of these wonderful vehicles every day. Whether it is for routine maintenance or major service, we offer a complete one stop shop for your Vanagon needs. We also have the ability to take care of your paint, body, and interior restorations, as well as diesel conversions, auto to manual transmission conversions, air-cooled to water cooled conversions, and 2WD to 4WD conversions. We also have a large supply of used Vanagon parts which attracts people from all over giving us the exposure as the go to Vanagon source. It is not uncommon to see new customers from Alaska to the eastern seaboard which gives us the affirmation and confidence in knowing we are the best in the business.
A major factor in the quality of our conversions besides the ability of our technicians, lies in our fabrication department and the people at RMW that work in research and development. We offer a full line of compatible components that are designed specifically for these conversions. Our fabrication shop allows us to test and refine these products so they work best with each other. Each part is not only developed as an individual entity, it is also developed with the complete picture in mind,
which in the end makes for a superior final product, a
"Subaru-Charged Vanagon".
When you drive away in your newly converted Vanagon, you can be assured you have plenty of power whether you are camping in a fully loaded van, pulling a trailer, travelling across the country, or commuting. In addition, you can be certain that your vehicle will be easy to maintain with full access to all the important mechanical components, while eliminating the traditionally common failures known in the original VW power plants.